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Established 1994


World's most recognized Longevity Therapist Course


Anti Aging International Academy (AIAA).

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Our International Private LONGEVITY CLINIC.


  Dr Perry Zeus (BCI Faculty Head, acknowledged as one of the founders of today's modern coaching discipline and author of several best-selling books on behavioral change and becoming a change agent.

Dr Zeus has spent 30 years empowering thousands of people from over 60 countries to become more productive, youthful, healthier, happier and stronger. 

When he established the Institute in 1994 his goal was to develop an elite training school providing world best-class behavioral change coaching technology. Today, he leads a Faculty and R&D Team (the Institute's Center for Applied Change) who are acknowledged world leaders in their fields.



...        -Author of several best-selling books-




Dr P. Zeus (Founder)


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Some Organizational Clients include:

Educational Comm. for Foreign Medical Students
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Mount Royal University
NSW Department of Education
Performance University (USA)
NSW Secondary Principals' Council
PNG Education Department
Liverpool Hope University
  National Health Service UK
Singapore Civil Service College
University of Washington
University of Pretoria
University of Westminster
University of W.I.
Rural Ambulance Victoria

University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust





An expert guide, coach and mentor!

The deep satisfactions and rewards of a life powered by a future with no limits are within your reach.

Whether you’re a business leader, politician or entertainment star looking to harness your younger self, a frustrated genius looking to unshackle your full potential, or a star athlete seeking to take your body and mindset to the highest level of performance, Dr. Perry Zeus can help.

A busy faculty schedule and private therapy practice occupy much of his calendar, but private online/telephone sessions and a few 1-to-1, in-person timeslots are sometimes available. Please use the below email message to contact for availability and details.

Advisory Positions, Partnerships & Tech Co-Development:
Dr. Zeus is also available to serve on select boards and advisory committees for established corporations, entrepreneurs and health care organizations.