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Established 1994


World's most recognized Longevity Therapist Course


Anti Aging International Academy (AIAA).

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  - Our International Private Anti-Aging TREATMENT CLINIC - .





- Accelerated Learning









-Learn how to design a transformative longevity, well-being and health program!

- DESIGNING A FUTURE for optimum health and a longer life.
This unique course provides the newest research and insights on brain-mind-body therapy and a scientifically proven seven-day action program that contains the key tools everyone needs to develop their own effective and personalized path to self-healing.
The Credentialing Course focuses on 5 key areas:
1. First, is understanding the Brain-Mind-Body Science (why it works) necessary to practice successfully and educate the client ie; how the brain controls the aging process; how the mind-body union controls wellness, health, stress levels and our ability to manage pain; how the brain-mind-body continuum functions; how the brain and body can rejuvenate itself and how the treatment program (using a user-friendly coaching model of delivery) will work for them.
2. Neuro Change Coaching Model. How to design the coaching steps in a typical treatment program -including how to measure/evaluate results..
3. The Neurocoaching Process -Application/Intervention. Students are taught how to use the Self Transformation Model of Change and coach a client through the easy to follow session steps.
4. User-friendly methodology. Students learn how to use rejuvenating change tools ie; proprietary Neuro Xperiential X-ercises ™ -for the Brain and Mind (deep level / subconscious Metacognition Role-playing incorporating Direct Visualization, Self-Dialogue, Positive Memory Reconstitution and Mindfulness).

The easy-to-learn methodology combines the latest Neuroplasticity and Neuro Behavioral Change Methodology. Within just an hour's discussion and guidance the client is immediately empowered to begin resetting the relationship with their mind and body to transform themselves (mentally, physically and even spiritually).

Students also learn how to empower the client to SELF-COACH themselves using their custom designed Neuro Xperiential X-ercise ™ (15 mins each day) to meet their specific change needs.

5. The Practice. How to establish a successful Longevity / Well-being / Health and Performance practice eg; a) building, marketing and selling the service and, b) the client relationship. Note: The 'practice' can be public or inside organizations.
    Brain-Mind-Body Change Process:
Course participants are shown how to teach their client to quickly and effortlessly achieve a deep level of clarity, peace and calmness that enhances their ability to engage in the change process that follows.

This mindful state provides a space for the neuro-behavioral change models to generate effective, lasting, measurable results.

Added Performance Boost:
Poise, concentration, emotional control, focus, and being in the “zone” are key to an enhanced state of well-being and excelling in any field. In today's increasingly challenging and competitive world people need to take their mental skills to the next level in order to continue to flourish and succeed. The Course's Neuro-Behavioral Coaching Models also help people from the age of 7 to 70 expand the limits of their brain’s performance.






Learn how to use Neuro Self-Change Tools and
Transform the lives of people!


By gaining a limited place in this special course, you will:
-Understand how the brain-mind-body union allows us to stimulate physiological change..
-Learn evidence-based cognitive, emotional and neuropsychological rejuvenation strategies.
-Develop change plans and goals that resonate with a person’s sense of deeper purpose.
-Learn how to achieve sustainable, measurable physiological change. 
-Learn how to help your client maintain self change that leads to greater life satisfaction

(Some Example Key Age and Well-Being Rejuvenation Tools, Techniques and Knowledge content)


How to Build, Market and Manage an Anti-Aging Practice. 

The underlying, proven science of the Neuro-Behavioral Change tools (cognitive neuroplasticity therapy that provides us a brain-mind reset switch where we can stimulate neural re-growth to generate change in the brain-mind-body continuum)

Learn how to use step-by-step process of the 7 Day Brain-Mind-Body Self Transformation Model to best meet a client's needs. (See: below graphic).

How to design a wide range of Well-being and Rejuvenation Interventions and help people regain lost youth, vitality and improve their performance and happiness levels.

Why people cannot change themselves by just being aware (or even told) of why they should.

"Buy-in” questions to help the client when making the decision to change.

How to help people attain true self-realization

Learn why our brain is a product of what we do with it and the key to the rest of our body.

How to help a client change their brain to become who they want to be. 

How to teach a client to drive new, ongoing, sustainable physiological change.  

How to build Strong Neural Pathways - the key to increasing mental and body change. 

Why Emotions are a key energizing and motivating force for longevity.

How to Self- Regulate Negative Emotions.

How to replace Limiting Aging and Self Beliefs with Positive Beliefs 

How to replace any maladaptive behavioral driver for a more positive one to generate a sustainable physiological outcome.

Steps to alleviate Stress.

How to increase mental acuity, IQ, EQ, and intuition

How to enhance the client's mental skills to match and power their renewed physiology.

The opportunity and need to build a Regain Lost Youth and Performance / Brain Fitness Program in every organization.



The Course Credential: The Longevity Diploma is recognized internationally as the highest level of evidence-based, anti-aging practitioner training available.

The invitational Course is an invitational, professional development program that attracts highly qualified and accomplished professionals who intend to:

  • Start their own practice / coaching service business
  • Add specialist aging and well-being services to an existing practice
  • Provide world-best standard well-being and emotional fitness coaching programs within their organization.

Five Course Manuals:
The Academies select graduates obtain a set of up-to-the-minute, cutting edge, comprehensive resource manuals that are meant to be used as an ongoing learning program/library of information beyond the course. Students are also provided and shown how to use actual check sheets, forms, and procedures developed over several years by some of the world’s leading practitioners. Graduates can customize and re-brand these valuable tools, techniques and templates to build a solid 'world best-standard' structure for their own practice.

The Mastery Course also provides the following sophisticated tools, techniques and practice materials:

  • 5 comprehensive and tailored Course Manuals
  • An invaluable, extensive Resource Manual (containing industry case studies, articles, reports, references and assessments etc) -that provides a personal and generative developmental path for continued learning is also provided to each graduate
  • A priceless Toolkit -which forms the core of the critically important Practice Support System is also provided
Campus Graduate Diploma Accelerated Learning Course (very small group):
  - 2 Day non-residential course. Manuals are sent to students prior to course to complete required pre-course reading and exercises.
Distance Accelerated Learning Graduate Diploma Course:
  - Includes comprehensive E-Manuals. Estimated 40 - 60 hours of course reading and work -depending on the student’s available time frame and learning style.
  - No fixed starting or completion date. Automatically Receive Certification when you notify us that you have completed your Self-Study!!
  - No assessment or post-course supervision. No additional training hours is required as this is an invitational Program (via submission of the below Application Form).




“The brain, mind and body can be retrained,” My Aging Coach said. People think it can’t, but it can. I’ve proved it.

“Cognitive Neuroplasticity”is real. By using your self-coaching technique, taught to me by my coach, I have 200% more energy, peace of mind and a clearer mental focus. I’m a new, much better improved, younger, happier version of myself. Thanks!

  .Hilary Peterson (Lawyer)  

Some Institutional & Organizational Clients include:






Can you rewire your brain in one week and create a healthier, happier and better person?  The answer is—yes. Your course proved it!
All my clients remark how rejuvenated they feel and how relaxed and at peace they now are with the world around them. Most report feeling and looking at least ten or more years younger.
All thanks to your online training course!


  .Joy Hobsen (Aging Therapist)  
  From studying at a world-class institution, 98% of our students from 60 nationalities would recommend the course to a friend.

Here's what a few of them had to say:

"AAIA’S online course had everything I needed to set my practice up. Plus optional client support if I need it too. Best investment in myself I ever made." Philip Hunter

“Thank you for accepting me into the invitational course. I love helping people of all ages increase their level of well-being and happiness. Its so rewarding.” Wai Ming

"The School is the most well-renowned institution in the world that uses the coaching delivery service model. My clients just thrive on learning how to self-coach and continue enjoying the longevity benefits of the program." C.V. Lakshmi

"Having world recognized credentials allows me travel around the world and work. Thanks AAIA! " Latissa Munshi

"As a nutritionist, what attracted me to study at your school, was that I could include other subjects in your program such as diet and exercise. That was a massive plus." Mary Ann Peterson

"The educational experience is, one of the best I've ever had in my life, everything I needed was in the course. I’m from a small regional city, but already I am booked solid for most weeks." Raphael H.

“ I learnt a lot. The online course gave me an excellent grounding in both the science and practice. It has really enabled me to interact with all types of clients. I just love my work.” J. Eyley

“It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I want you to know that I have learnt so much from each and every course module. Your course also have helped me to understand where my strengths and weaker aspects lie as a new practitioner.” Le Minh Tran

NOTE:  Dr Zeus's NeuroEx Clients refer international clients who do not wish to travel or be placed on a Wait List (currently 5 weeks) to a local regional graduate from the Anti-Aging International Academy.

Obtain world recognized Board Accredited Certification.
- ICC Gold Seal Board Accreditation

Graduates names are also listed on ICC's online, public Register.

    Need a DISCOVERY CALL with a AAIA Faculty Member before applying?  

Register Here!



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      Home Page
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     Course Content
  NeuroCoaching Model
     Mind-Body Approach
     Australian Campus Retreat
     Longevity Market Report
Longevity Career Report
Licensing Opportunities
     Secret to Aging Youthfully
     Health and Aging
     The Science 
     The Research Evidence


Contents: Anti-Aging International Academy, Anti-Aging School, Anti-Aging Therapist Diploma Course, Aging, Anti-Aging, Diploma, Therapist, Course, Academy neurocoaching, anti-aging school, anti-aging-course, Aging, anti-aging school and course, aging

Note: This course focuses on the fields of longevity, life wellness and peak performance coaching. Only an appropriately-credentialed health care professional should work on medical or psychological disorders.