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The Anti-Aging services industry globally is growing year on year, with thousands of jobs being added across the world.

This sector is full of rewarding practice opportunities, where practitioners work to better the lives of the community around them. Choosing a career in the aging services sector is a decision to make a positive impact on the world, helping people to live happier, healthier more youthful lives.

Longevity therapy is rapidly becoming a popular career choice for many professionals. On the back of the rapid advances in aging science, over the last five years the number of jobs has grown strongly. The workforce is fairly mature, with an average age of around 46 years, making this an ideal second (or third) career for many.

Typically, people become practitioners after earning either a bachelorís degree or a postgraduate qualification, although it is also possible to enter the industry at certificate level, as there is no set entry requirement.

This is a great career opportunity for people who have a pair of helping hands and heart and understand the importance of equipping people with the necessary tools to live their best lives.

Becoming a Therapist
Many practitioners choose to operate private practices. Some are already in an allied coaching, counseling, medical or consulting practice. Others are looking to transition from a different career path and see the Longevity services sector as an excellent business opportunity.

Therapists may work full- or part-time; in private practice or inside institutions and organizations. Those employed by an organization or business generally work full-time while private practice therapists have more control over their schedules.

Working in a Practice
Many Longevity Therapists find employment in holistic group practices or other healthcare facilities. However, the majority work in private practice as self-employed practitioners. While some practitioners are already providing health and well-being services and are simply looking to add Longevity Therapy as an additional service.

Earning a Longevity Diploma, becoming accredited, are the international recognized steps to follow to make the most of a career as a therapist.

Starting a private practice has been one of the most rewarding choices many professionals have made. It can be challenging work, but highly rewarding and well worth it!

At the Anti-Aging International Academy (AAIA) we uniquely provide our students the knowledge and tools how to: 1) obtain the blueprint to establish a successful practice and, 2) help their clients repair, prevent and even reverse aging damage through harnessing the power of their brain-mind-body continuum.

The key to success in any anti-aging intervention is the selection of the appropriate brain-mind-body Change Model to fit the client's specific needs. AAIA's proven Therapist Coach Course meets the critical needs for practitioners to be trained in the use of a range of validated, reliable change models, tools and techniques using a user-friendly coaching delivery model.

AAIA's invitational, fast-tracked Longevity Therapist course (Self-study / Distance Learning Format).

  AAIA's Mind-Body Anti-Aging Research -the Evidence

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AAIA's Longevity Therapist Course (Self-study / Distance Learning Format)
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  AAIA's Mind-Body Anti-Aging Research -the Evidence



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